Thursday, June 28, 2007

Business as usual?

As can be expected the concept art for Potions 101 is vastly different from what is being drawn right now in the room next to me. Jacob, our artist, has the magical ability to do things. He does those things with pencils, and often with a Wacom Tablet. The result of these frightening rituals is art that is luscious to the eye. I often close his door as I walk past, because part of the work process to produce these wonders means that he must have his music up really loud.

Skill City is in the "bumbling along" state right now. I'm almost positive that's a technical business term. We aren't making a lot of money, but we aren't wholly unpopular either. We still get several new accounts a day.

The plan thus far had been to mass mail everybody in the database with an announcement that all the games are free (bye bye keys!), and that we have progressive tournaments ready to go! We missed the deadline on progressive tournaments. There was some issues with communication here that fouled us up and for a moment, it was enough that a tiny bit of confusion caused us to miss patching it in on Tuesday.

No worries, that buys us more time to debug and playtest everything before we patch it in next week. Then I will send out a mass email to the whole wide world and announce our new features. Hopefully that will get some people in to try the rest of the games.

Right now, most people seem to login and play the free one then log out and never return. With all games free, I intend to keep more of them in our system. With progressive tournaments up and running, I intend to actually make some money.

We shall see how that pans out on Tuesday.

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