Monday, July 2, 2007

Civic Duty Disaster Averted

It always happens like this. As soon as you are reaching some kind of critical point with your business, which happens to be only 4 guys, somebody gets the much dreaded envelope in the mail.

Its the one that talks about how you have to call a phone number at this date and time, and if you don't then men well come to your home and place a sack over your head and take you someplace awful, like Arizona.

Its the Jury Duty envelope.

Drew got one, and he diligently called the number every Sunday for two weeks as instructed. Thankfully for us the friendly recorded message always said "You don't need to serve at this time, please call again in one week. " He did so, until last night the recording informed him that his services were needed and his obligation had been fulfilled. He is now free of the recorded message's robotic clutches for another 2 years.

Thats the good part about living in Southern California. There are so many people here that Jury Duty is actually pretty rare. If you do get summoned, odds are good that the defendants attorney will just end up doing some smack with the plaintiff up in Hollywood and they'll work out their differences. No jury required.

The odds are also good that you will end up on a murder trial and your company will be screwed because the only guy who can program a specific feature is currently working on deciding if the bloody gloves fit.

I'm also sick today. I got some kind of weird ear infection and it feels like its getting better, but as I already naturally have vertigo an ear infection means that I'm so dizzy I have a hard time standing up. Ever played a video game with vertigo? Its really annoying.

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