Thursday, July 5, 2007


I don't like the modern over-use of the suffix "esque" on to a noun to simply mutate it in to an adjective, but then again sometimes the easy way out beats writing a 6 sentence explainer on how you think your idea idea is similar to something else.

I heard a song on the radio Friday on the indie music station here in Southern California and I thought it was great. Then it went to the reviewers who all ripped in to it calling it unoriginal and derivative. I liked it, I'm the consumer, not these pompous radio DJs and their has-been movie star guests.

I sat for a moment in my car, probably at a red light or trapped behind the mummified remains of some ancient monarch driving 20 miles an hour, and thought to myself how often I get that same reaction.

A player plays one of my games once, and then shrieks that its derivative and hates. Librum Confundo haters baffle the hell out of me. They keep calling it Bookworm. Please name something other than the general "word find" that it has in common with Bookworm. If we are gonna get really stupid like that then please call it call Boggle, because that game was first. While we are at it, why don't we complain that it ripped off soccer or poker? They are both games. Boggle totally ripped off soccer, its just a derivation of soccer for people who cant run and are more verbose than others.

Damn you soccer!

Anyway several people said I should do achievements in the games. I agree. We have a system in there now of experience, and you can't buy certain avatar items unless you get a set amount of experience. Other achievements we haven't put in yet will include special trophies on the wall that you will only be able to purchase (and they will be cheap, since you earned them) by getting a certain high score. Much like bronze, silver, and gold medals only these will be district and game themed.

I love the districts, they help me keep things themed and easy to classify. Provides a nice foundation for just about everything and an iron guideline should I ever wonder what style or imagery I need to call upon.

Somebody also requested more story in there. More fluffy info about Skill City and its bizarre founders... etc. I wrote that all already, its just that I had no idea where to put it.

I think I'll throw it in the forums for now... maybe later I'll make a spot on the website for it.

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