Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Insert Voodoo

We finished the Progressive Tournament system today. For info on what that is, please see this link, cause I'm getting tired of retyping it all the time. Seriously like 80 people have said "Whats that?" and then I type this huge explanation in.

That's why I won't do two shows a night anymore. I won't do it.

Anyway to announce the new addition I emailed out an update to all our existing users. It took a while too, but they got it.

Its nice to see the Players Online screen packed with people again. Now if I can just get them to play a few progressives, or subscribe, that would be nice too.

Thats where Voodoo comes in. Having tried all conventional means of marketing, advertising, incentivizing, and downright bullying users to pay us, I have now forsaken these traditional means and decided to opt for a new approach.

Using state of the art Haitian Voodoo we will systematically perform some sort of ritual for each user in the database. It will involves bones and probably a chicken, because everybody knows that's what it takes for Voodoo. Without the chicken its just a bunch of people looking silly and drinking rum, like a frat party but with more people speaking French. You add a chicken running around and you go from boozed up 20 year old hazing party directly to supernatural recipe for success!

Early tests in to the Voodoo tactic was promising, with only moderate zombie attack.


Kai said...

have you thought about a reward-system like in the xbox360? I don't have one, but I've red something about it... you can get different rewards for getting to a special level or perhaps by playing with a developer and stuff like that. perhaps this will tie the people more to your games...

White Tree Games said...

Seriously dude you need a holiday!



James said...

Achievements would be a good idea, the unlockables for the avatar are a good idea, as things like that keep people addicted (I love my xbox live!).

Colin said...

In 2002, *everybody* I knew bought Yohoho Puzzle Pirates accounts. Everybody.

Here's why: YPP said "we are offering a special deal for you, our beta-testing users: Buy and account now for $50, and it will be good for three years after we go out of beta. When we're out of beta, accounts will be $30/year. Only you, our current beta players, will be eligible for this deal.

We all bought accounts.