Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Meetings with the 8th graders

Remember when you were in 6th grade, or 4th grade, and the school seemed like it was simply ruled by those emperors of age: the 8th graders.

I feel like that now. I am stumbling around in the dark pretending I know jack about running a corporation. I stand in the long lunch line of video game companies all waiting for the lady with the hair net to slop some cash on our little plastic trays. The 8th graders are already seated, they rule the school and have formed cliques. I see the online web-based flash game casinos like King and World Winner sitting over there. Oh look, its Pogo and PopCap at the other end of the room, I look up to them admiration and like all those I admire I copy their moves hoping to obtain some of their success. I even cut my hair the same and listen to the same music.

I'm too nervous to talk to them. What if they push me down or beat me up in the bathroom and take my milk money?

That time has ended. With the nearness of being totally out of operating capital I have decided to grow a spine and do the thing I severely dislike, but that is also required of all CEOs: Shake hands with strangers, talk to them about what we can do to mutually benefit us all, raise money.

It's just that I never considered myself a people person, but I also think I'm a good actor. I had an epifane, why not just act like a people person? I'm good at acting like I know what I'm doing, I'm good at being sincere too. Lets combine the two.

Is that the ideal salesman? One who can become whatever the situation requires to close a deal? It kinda sounds like its the ideal hitman to me. A hitman who gets development contracts for family friendly games!

Ok now I like that image way too much... where is my skinny black tie and white shirt?

See you at the Seattle Casual Connect Conference. I have little bags of candy. Come get some.

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