Monday, July 2, 2007


Just as I am celebrating the triumph of our programmer's avoidance of Jury Duty, or as the kids call it "Judy" because they like to mash up names, I get notified that Jacob was in a terrible car accident.

I am of course overcome with worry for his well being, and just as I am about to explode he walks in the door. He seems fine. Then about 10 minutes later as I am helping him stand up after he collapsed I realize the intricacies of head trauma can outfox even an astute observer such as myself.

One head X-ray later, and with medications in tow, we head back to the office. He has a CT Scan tomorrow to make sure his brainy meats are intact and not all mooshed up against his eyes.

Tonight we patch in Progressive Tournaments, or at least, we are going to make a go of it. We might find that its going to take too long and we do make more mistakes when sleep deprived so experience has taught us its better to get some rest and patch when the sun has come back up.

This, for us, is the big moment. I think its bigger than when we even went live and announced our presence to the whole wide world, because this is the part where we find out: Can we make money with this?

Clearly if the answer is no, then Skill City isn't long for this earth. Even though a few Korean MMOs I know have been running for years as the hemhorage cash, that's a testament to the skill of their investor relations staff as they wheedle money from the rich and foolish.

I'm currently accepting applications for anybody who has listed wheedling as their primary talent, and if you have used the word wheedle in the last 5 days on purpose then I'm already impressed.

That was a joke. I'm not actually hiring.

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