Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A view from space.

As I sat in the movie theater and let depression creep in on me, whisky bottle in hand and head filled with angry feelings of blackest sadness I found desperation to be extremely distracting.

Then the movie ended and my entire evening improved.

What you thought I was depressed about Skill City? Well I am but I mostly experiencing soul crushing sadness at how stupid Live Free or Die Hard was. Anybody who knows anything about computers should join me in being automatically offended at how Hollywood continues to portray hackers as some kind of techno-music swilling 20 something super-culture of buzzword dropping Gap models.

It makes me hate life, and people who are also alive. Mostly people who make movies like this where hackers live in a dream world and are capable of things that simply aren't possible. I think calling the writers of a movie like this "alive" is giving them too much credit.

Ok anyway you probably want to know what going on with the business. I know I sure do. If you find out tell me.

So far we have obtained from my brother a large chunk of money to simply toss at "the people" as an emperor might toss bread to the peasants. We are doing this by running some huge tournaments with gigantic pots. No more progressive, no more rake. These are flat prize, top 5 take a cut, tournaments of skill.

Its a good plan right? When your business is out of money what do you do? We give money away.

The hope is obviously that people start paying attention to us. Somebody out there will say "Hey I played a tetris-esque game and won $50 bucks today. I need to tell people about this." and then they will...

Maybe they will say "Hey I'm the only one entering these tournaments, I can sit here and take all 10 thousand dollars Skill City is giving away this month by winning all these things easily."

I hope they don't cause that would suck. So to prevent that we are advertising the big event.

Previously we advertised on Project Wonderful whose cheap silky smoothness led millions of users to our website, at least their stats said that. The web server disagrees, so I don't endorse them as much as I did before. Click-Fraud is an ugly word and I shan't throw it around.

Now we are going to just take off the gloves and admit what we are. We are a video game tournament site with cash prizes based on performance. Is that a legal casino where you play arcade games instead of poker?

It sure as hell is.

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