Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dutch interview.

Click here to see the full text of an interview that Bashers did with me.

They asked some good questions, I think I have given them the best answers I could.

I find it a little bit ironic that after I shut down Skill City and basically throw in the towel that now I am getting more interest in our technology and product than before.

Is the lesson to be learned that people like bad news more than good? It looks like the best marketing Skill City ever got was from its own demise.

Speaking of, I sort of went off on the coders in the last two entries. I tried to balance that ire by at least stressing it wasn't anything they did wrong, it was just bad circumstance and personality issues.

Anyway you probably want to know what the rest of the circumstances leading to our eventual shut down were, and so I will share those.

But right now I have a meeting to go to so I'll have to share that tomorrow, or maybe this afternoon.

Needless to say it will probably have a very clever metaphor like "Man who wears too many hats eventually gets a broken neck."

I'm fond of that one.


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