Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Goodnight moon

Goodnight chair.

Goodnight desk.

Goodnight little server with the humming disk drives and the little green blinky lights.

Goodnight bank accounts.

Goodnight equity.

Goodnight 3379 registered users.

Goodnight avatars.

Goodnight games.

And goodnight to all those who stuck with us on this wacky journey.

Today Skill City was forced to re-structure itself and go back to it's roots as a garage company. Literally, everything is now in my garage.

I will take some time to write up a post-mortem and maybe even send it in to Game Developer magazine or something. Although they usually only want PMs on successful titles instead of businesses that made several bad decisions and then slowly crawled their way to the grave.

So welcome the new Skill City in to existence. I'm going to keep the game servers up (although they will be slower now without a robust data center). I am also still taking contracts for development.

After all, I have proof that I can get a game made quickly and cheaply. Most others have a hard time making that claim.

Anybody wanna hire a game producer? I am currently filling out the immigration papers to move to Australia as a "skilled worker." Like many countries, certain job experience is in demand enough that they will let you immigrate if you can prove you have those skills. The process takes months, but I really do want to move someplace with the warm sunny beach like where I live now only without the hideous cost of living. Aside from the great pleasure I would get from not being subject to the dumb little Texan who runs this country.

Aside from that, I'm also offering the Skill City source code and all of it's assets to anybody who wants to buy them. All you need is a C# compiler and you have your own online skill gaming community! (some assembly required, offer not valid to people I don't like)


Patrick said...

Getting out of the US is a damn good idea, regardless.

Jon... said...

Really sorry to hear that.

Well take solice in the fact that at least you tried...

(which is more than a lot of other people ever do...)

Keep the faith and one day your ship (across the pacific) will come in...

Best wishes for the future...


(Btw - if you ever want to collaborate on some old-skool indie casual games, drop me a line at jon@whitetreegames.com)

chenpo said...

Sorry to hear. You gave it a good run though!

If you come down to Melbourne in Australia, gimme a buz!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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