Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Why do we fall?

I been thinking a lot about personal evolution lately. The events in a persons life that shape who they are and set them apart from the rest of the cattle that is the human race.

Lately, I haven't been able to say much about what's going on behind closed doors at Skill City. Stiff upper lip and all that.

The company itself never really had a very strong market, I have said that already. What we do have is some very fascinating technology, and a team of people that are talented at creating it, though about as easy to motivate as roadkill.

I have been looking for a second round of funding, you know this because I have said it here. What happens if I don't get it?

Skill City is my dream and my vision. It is that which I always had in my heart finally come to life for others to see. I would say that its only half done as it stands, and I need to get the other half complete. I am a driven person, and I will do anything to see it get completed.

I'll post more on Friday, until then I am busy trying to find where the next paycheck will come from... you know, the usual.

My advice and lesson from all of this going on here today is this: have at least two years of operating funds in the bank before you start. At the end of your first year, start raising the next five years worth of operating funds. If you can't then your product isn't interesting, or has no market, or you are a poor salesman who doesn't really really at his core want your product to succeed.

Your entire staff needs to be that way too. If they aren't and they quit when things get choppy, it will ruin you.

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