Thursday, September 13, 2007

Google yourself.

I know, that sounds like some sort of derogatory remark doesn't it?

It isn't. If you google for your own name do you get a lot of hits? If you do, you are doing well building the brand known as YOU.

If you start a business and you google it, or you google some things that it does like "casual games" do you see yourself in the results?

No? Get on it them. People need to link to you, talk about you, and search for you a lot so that your google rating rises. Set up some dummy sites... just kidding that's evil. I would never do that.

I found this while googling myself today:

Skill City Interview

Lol! Im on TV mom!

Don't google yourself too much, you will get hairy palms... or go blind... or get addicted to internet porn or something.

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