Friday, August 3, 2007

I see good spirits, and I see bad.

I have been spending the majority of this week sitting in my office writing out proposals for the various companies that want to work with us. It's taking up all my time this "CEO" thing and last night I was thinking on my bike as I rode home how funny it was.

I started the game company so that I could be my own boss and avoid all that bureaucratic junk. How silly of me to overlook that as the company becomes more successful I would get more and more bogged down with business stuff.

But thats a good thing. That means my business is growing. So it has come full circle. I left the corporate world only to build a company that is slowly becoming corporate.

At least this time a big jerk isn't in charge though.

Sorry todays blog entry is stupid, I'm totally distracted by 800 things and I can't focus.

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