Monday, August 13, 2007

You get the ankles and I'll get the wrists

Couple of fun things to talk about today.

First, people are starting to cash out on Skill City. In the last week I have written checks or clicked submit on Paypal for an amount well over $2500 in total. People are winnin' the cash, and its pretty dang easy because most of you aren't playing for cash, so that monthly tournament for 500 bucks had like 10 people playing for it. Pretty nice odds, since the top 5 take the money.

Why is nobody talking about us on the news? I get a phone call from my sister in San Diego that there is a news story on Skill Games and how they are the new way to gamble in the US but since it's a video game that you play, and there is no house to benefit from the outcome, it's all legal.

Wow that's a hot news item, considering Skill Jam started doing this eight years ago. Then again the evening news on the telly has always been known for being written mostly by, and for, farm animals.

I'm bitter at the free press they gave to our competition obviously.

Second, things zip along here at Skill City too. I have four separate companies that are currently exploring our super skillful and ninja like grace with which we can make a game, an engine, and tools to support it. Development contracts with them would be nice, so would a paycheck. I'm on NDA with these companies so they shall remain unknown to thee, my reader. I'm also looking at another deal that would be extremely sexy, and the details of it shall also remain undisclosed at this time but suffice to say that it will make us all happy and therefore you should pray to your various pantheons that it works out. It's a vague prayer without my giving you details, but hey, if you have some sort of omnipotent superhero for a deity then he/she/it already knows.

Just take a moment to think positive thoughts in my general direction, if you are so inclined. For most of you that would be roughly southwest.

I have taken to daydreaming about new games lately. As I sit and attempt to distract my mind from important tasks (television) I have noticed that the proliferation of the internet is much like some sort of cold war between products.

"General, Lucky Charms has built a website sir." said the nameless soldier handing his report to the superior officer.

"Dammit!" The General slammed his fist in to the desk hard enough to knock over his pencil jar spilling its contents across the smooth wooden surface. "We must respond in kind and show them we are just as strong as they are! Execute these instructions immediately. Fruit Loops will come out on top of this!" He growled, sliding a binder across to the waiting soldier.

The cover was labeled clearly: Plan 47A - Website with Casual Games. Probably Something With a Bunny

So as each warring product builds a website, then a bigger website, then a big website with games... someday they will build a website with games so big that it will destroy them all, or it will take over 20 minutes just to load and then people will stop going there.

I see myself as the guy who walks in to the office of Decision Maker and says to him "I hear you are escalating your defensive position against Product X. You need something to keep your brand in front of people. You need casual games, branded and dripping with the sweet honey of your intellectual property."

I'll smile and they will hand me a briefcase full of money that I will use to build them a game, cause that's what I like to do, and I'm good at it. Building the games is what I'm good at, not taking money. I don't have a lot of practice in the taking money activity.

Saving some of that money so I can mosey over to Decision Maker at Product Y so I can sell him the same thing seems like a good idea.

See how I just equated being an arms dealer with making games? Did you like that?

Coolest job ever.

Oh here. Have a screenshot of the new game. It's awesome. I would go so far as to say it's expletive deleted awesome.

Click for a larger view!


jeshb said...

Consider positive thoughts thought in your general direction.

Nice looking game. You are the master in all your slick-ninja glory.

Illusion of Doing said...

A few years back I had a group of 6th grade girls who were addicted to many of the addictinggames style of flash/web crqap. And they played the hell out of the Fruity Pebbles games, notably the one that's a Stun Runner clone.

They would always do the "stupid old man" shake when I would try to tell them about the vast history that they were skirting around. But, oddly enough, 6th grade girls are much happier thinking that the "pop balloons with a spear gun" genre was created right now, JUST FOR THEM, and have no time for stories of Super Buster Bros.