Thursday, May 10, 2007

Desk zombie.

For a limited time only I have been replaced by a zombie. I only barely resemble the active healthy person who used to sit at this desk.

I caught a really nasty head cold over the weekend and it has been getting steadily worse as the week goes on. Im at the "dizzy and light headed" stage now as the infection moves from my sinuses in to my lungs where it will take up its phlegmy residence and prolong my misery for weeks in the form of a gurgling cough.

Lets all take a moment to appreciate the word spetum. It does so seldom get mentioned.

How does this affect us as a company? (see how I worked that in)

I think a lot of businesses forget about illness as one of those production killing factors they have little to no control over. We already missed our programmer for about 4 days when he became ill with a rather nasty skin infection. Now one by one people at the office are sharing this germ and its so close to our deadline, what will become of us?

Its no big deal if a 100 person company gets a rash of influenza, or just a normal rash, but still. When a 4 person game studio gets sick, its suddenly a 2 or 3 person game studio. Its hard to get much done.

I was working on the new website. I know, you are thinking we already finished the website but honestly there was so much wrong with the website thats up right now I just had to take it out behind the barn and do an "Old Yeller" on it.

I pushed back our launch by a week. I cant aford to do that again, but I am confident that we are going to rock the casbah on Friday the 18th with our official launch.

Why havent I shown everybody here a link to the website where the Beta installer can be gotten? Because I am waiting for the next patch, the one with prettier game screens and more avatar stuff. I dont want to share our system with the public until I am confident that your first impression will be a pleasant experience.

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