Friday, May 18, 2007

Friendly like a knife.

"In a lawsuit that is sending ripples through the once-friendly online casual games industry" begins this article about the Big Fish v.s. iWIN law suit.

A year ago I had hoped that the casual game industry was friendly, I mean they do make games called Chocolate Castle and Micro Panda. Those names alone let you know that you are in for a warm hug.

The casual games industry is the opposite of friendly. I think its the cosmic sense of balance at play. If you make games about cute huggy bunnies and silly unicorns all the time then somewhere in your company all the evil has to go someplace. Most industry people keep a fresh supply of extra absorbent towels around the office to sponge that acidic foulness and then neatly toss it in to the incinerator. I think a lot of people in this industry ran out of towels, and so they just troll indie gamer blogs and forums where they bash people with their big troll clubs.

Gamers and game developers are just as petty and snide as any other industry, probably worse because of the maturity level of its own market and medium. Its young. Say it isn't and I'll point you towards other art mediums for comparison: books, paintings, song... to our 40 years of electronic media they have hundreds and thousands.

The Casual Games industry is an industry. It never was friendly despite its Chocolate Castle, filled with prancing German ballerinas, and all this lawsuit is doing is proving that to people who aren't part of the industry already. Industry is about robots making cars, and giant corporations stealing from each other.

Skill City will never be industry.

We just hope that while we stand here and cavort and sing, you love it enough to throw some money in to our hat. The rent is due soon.

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