Friday, May 4, 2007

Once again, from the top.

Off Topic
Im going to a wedding in about an hour. I have that pre-flight sense of dread that I get every time I travel by airplane. Its not the fear of flying, its the fear of missing my flight. I have missed flights before and the resultant nightmare... well thank goodness the gate agent thought I was 16 and was going to be lost in big scary Los Angeles if she didnt pull some strings and get me on the next flight. Hooray for looking like a child I guess. (I'm 31 for the record)

Back on Topic
Our website is up. You can see it here:

I enjoy it as a second attempt. It certainly gets the idea across that we have pretty art, but I honestly think its a couple of things, and most people at work here agree with me:

1. Its claustrophobic. I feel enclosed in a very small space.
2. Its like looking at a 6 page banner ad. Its trying to get you to download the games without giving you enough of a reason to.
3. Too many images, too much CSS. Where is the mind relaxing white space? We are guilty of doing something that our competitors do: shoving 80 billion things in to one page and then losing your attention.

Now I dont think the magnitude of our transgression on item 3 there is as bad as our competition but I think its present.

The true drama arises from the fact that our launch date is a week from today. Will I be able to re-do the entire website in just one week, from soup to nuts? Will I be able to find a layout that I like if I only have this weekend to do so? Will the Rocketeer save Betty from certain doom as he car plummets from the cliff!?

Stay tuned next week Space Cadets! Our adventure continues!!

Or something. Honestly I'll just end up using my fiendishly long layovers in Seattle and John Wayne Airports this weekend to sketch out a new site. I think 6 hours of social isolation in a crowded noisy airport will be just the thing to get that done. Thank goodness they have free WiFi too.

What did version 1.0 of the website look like?

Here is a screenshot, complete with a little alignment glitch, but you get the idea.

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