Monday, May 7, 2007

Total protonic reversal.

I had to take a few days off and attend the wedding of a truly great friend up in Idaho. Did I ever mention that I lived in Idaho for a brief period? While there I worked for the source of misery, but I got over that and now I make games in sunny places. In the trued form of nerd-boy that I am we all exlcaimed "weddinged!" in our best impression of a Teen Girl Squad voice-over.

Personal mumbo jumbo aside lets talk about Skill City, because thats what this blog is for.

We had a meeting to re-do the website, and I now have 3 days to get it built entirely before we launch. I think I wont be working on my suntan or going to the gym to work on looking better with a sun tan. Instead I will be sitting at my desk frantically trying to meet that deadline: our banner ad displays on Friday.

I think I can do it. I am also pretty confident I can do it even while managing to slink away to the gym and swim laps. As for the sun, it is the enemy of pale complexion anyway, and going outside would cause my nose to fill with the sweet scent of blooming flowers shortly before my sinuses shut down in painful itchy watering yuckiness. Maybe its a summer cold?

Anyway our tasks this week are simple:
1. Make a banner ad
2. Make a website
3. Finish the huge list of features we want to shove in to the installer before we put it online Thursday night
4. Come to work Friday morning and stand, poised like a coiled snake, waiting to thwart bugs and technical support drama resulting from product launch.

Go team venture!

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