Thursday, April 26, 2007

And then for a long time, nothing happened.

Im not sure what I can post about today. This week I have been working almost entirely on getting a web design program to actually run in Vista.

My solution was to turn off my computer, put it over in a corner, and bring my Windows XP machine in from home. I regret that I am forced to do this, but the cold reality is that if you want to be productive you need to use XP. The software vendors dont seem to care about Vista at all, given the barely functional misery of using Adobe CS3 on it. Its only a week old, you would think it would support Vista... but Dreamweaver was clearly written by the insane.

I pretty much have the website finished, and Im so glad too because its been "Coming soon!" for almost a year. I guess its prespective though. For an ageless being of unfathomable vileness such as Cthulhu, "soon" could be like a thousand years. For a rabbit whose life span is a few years and whose heart beats faster than the drum line for a Vondur song, "soon" is a third of a second.

I do think about this when I make promises in public like: "Coming Soon!" or "Now tastier than ever!" or "Probably wont make you go blind!"

I am using server side includes on my website so that I dont have to copy the same piece of HTML 18 times. I know some people roll their eyes at SSI and other applaud. I could never really figure out why, I think people maybe just need something to fight over. I also made such great use of layers I think some HTML gurus would call it obscene, or glutinous. Wait thats wheat protein, gluttonous is the word I wanted.

For my next trick, a spell checker that can read your mind!

No honestly I just want to finish this website. Writing help and tutorials is kinda fun, but since I cant be funny or entertaining at all in them they do drag on a bit. I think people would actually read directions to things if they were also entertaining though. We have a real problem with people not reading directions on our games and then requesting technical support that its broken because the keys they assumed would control the game, dont. Seems silly doesnt it? There are instructions, but people dont like to read instructions.

There has to be a solution there someplace, one that doesnt involve being rude and demanding they enter a secret word to show they read the instructions or clicking a "I have read the instructions" box.

I'll think of it someday, until then I am, as always, open to suggestions and comments.

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