Friday, April 13, 2007

Off topic Friday!

What a totally insane week it has been. I moved in to a new home, having grown tired of living in a really gross apartment that was the epitome of noise. Well, I shouldn't say the apartment is self was the cause of noise. It was little more than a large building and is incapable of creating sound unless you count the way it creaks in the wind. We have no shortage of wind here in Orange County. Rather the source of the endless cacophony was the teenage girl who lived one floor down. She also has no shortage of wind, especially when she is blowing in to a cell phone at 2am about hair and makeup.

Do not brand me sexist, my walls are paper thin, and I swear upon your most holy book (I have none) that she does indeed squawk for hours about the most inane subjects, hair and makeup are frequent topics of great heated debate with whomever is on the end of her phone call. I wonder if her caller also has a sleep deprived game designer living above them.

Its so lovely outside I think of nothing but going for a long bike ride, and then swimming a mile or so in the pool at the gym. Its near to triathlon time now, so close I can see it coming around the corner at me. Its angry with me for ignoring it this year. The game business has gently tempted me away with its succubus charms.

As I depart today I have to share two things. One is that I think Starbucks has managed to actually shape fat and sugar in to many different configurations, and in so doing they have single handedly lain siege to any resistance I previously had to their "baked goods" counter. Damn them to hell.

Secondly I am really excited about launching the games to a public beta in a week. Maybe a week and a half... the new chat system we put in makes me smile with pleasure whenever I view it. It reminded me that often what we think is going to be easy to use, is counter intuitive. Advancements in technology and interface that thwart basic human instincts and expectations can be filed in the Bad Idea box next to these.

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