Monday, April 23, 2007

Beast. Defiler. Source of all my pain!

Windows Vista is thwarting my every attempt to be productive. I installed it on my own workstation just so we could test it out with our installer and our game. Vista installed fine, and then promptly, as expected, proceeded to devour all system resources.

This would be acceptable if Windows was all I needed to run, but I would like to get some work done today so I need to install productivity programs and use them.

I have yet to find a web design suite that works in Vista. GoLive CS would lock up constantly, GoLive CS2 doesnt redraw the screen, Dreamweaver 8 just doesnt even start.

Now the reports of install problems on Vista come rolling in regarding our software. It works for some, it breaks for others. The fun part is how diverse the installer errors are. Some people get security errors, some people get crahes, some people get told the program is incompatible.

While other receive a personal letter from Microsoft expressing how sorry they are to have sold you a 200 dollar OS that prevents you from working and requires you to have 80 megs of RAM for anything to run.

I wish that was true...

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