Friday, April 20, 2007

Off Topic Friday again!?

Is it really Friday or is the calendar just playing some kind of prank on me?

Thats wierd. I guess when you have your eye on a deadline that you thought was several weeks off, Time likes to play that game where it jumps out from around a corner and yells "Boo!" at you and then it laughs at your shock like the uncaring jerk it is. Someday I shall defeat the basic laws of physics and reality, no matter how insane that seems. Then it will be me jumping out at the abstract personification of a natural force and screaming "Bla!" and laughing at it.

I honestly cant say that today's blog entry had a point other than my meandering brain telling my fringers to twitch on the keyboard.

Oh yeah, time flies. That was the theme.

I hope we can go Beta to the public at the end of next week. That should be really great. I could even possibly have the website done by then.

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