Friday, April 27, 2007

How is it possibly Friday again?

I notice a slight shimmer as I walk in to my office. That must be the part where I pass through the fold in time and space that somehow catapults me to the end of a week every time I enter. I live in a world of perpetual Friday somehow.

Anywho I read a fascinating book exerpt over at GameCareerGuide last night and it made me suddenly realize the solution to my problem. I had known it partially anyway, in the way that you know fire is hot and you need to do something about reaching in to it. I had an idea. Seeing it talked about, and then illustrated nicely with big pictures really really helped.

Speaking of pictures I need to start including them with my posts dont I.

All 8 of you who read this would probably like to see some. I am going to redo our interface a little bit today, and I'll post before and after shots for ya.


1 comment:

chenpo said...

As one of your eight readers ;) pictures would be nice to see. Keep up the good work