Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Pepperidge Farm Remembers

Remember when you had a marketing plan? Remember when it seemed easy? Its not. Its hard to quantify who you want to play your game.

Banner advertising is nice. Its easy, its practically fire-and-forget. Best of all the banner advertisers want your money, so they are ready to back up their claim with pages of statistics so they are helpfully removing the mystery for me and answering questions in advance like "Who reads your site, how often, and why do I care if they see my banner?

I contacted several gamer websites, webcomics, blogs, etc... they all seem pretty savvy as to who their audience is and that makes me feel safe about tossing five thousand dollars at them for eyes to see my ad.

Once they see the ad, will they click it? If they do Im halfway there, because now I need them to see all they need to see on the first page they visit. Then if I could only get them to buy the thing once they are there...

Im so busy today and its already 5:00pm. I gotta cut the blog short today.

1 comment:

Mika said...

I have my doubts about how "true" their "knowledge" really is about their audience/users. But then again, I am pessimist ;)

It's not always easy to get exact data at all. And in the internet, data really is not carved to stone, but more like to wax tablet where it can change at whim. They try to interpret that data and make it sound "as sure as possible"...

Also, people willing to click banners, it totally depend from the banners.

Marketing is not easy thing :( Not even when you know who you are supposed to target with it.

Hopefully all goes well though :)