Thursday, April 12, 2007

Lets reboot.

Im rebooting the blog today.

Skill City news today goes a little something like this: We had a long hard meeting. It came up that our mission statement was like a small neglected housepet. Its cute and all, fun to pet and the way it meows is adorable, but it doesnt really do much does it?

Dont get me wrong. It did. When we first started out the Mission Statement was great, but I think over time in the heat of developing we forgot to update it as much as we updated everything else.

We decided to have a meeting and rewrite that bad boy so that it once again can serve as a shining beacon in the darkness of marketing, advertising, and generally answer the question: What is Skill City, and does this website/image/game/manual/press release reflect that statement?

It should be a fun meeting, I had a great time writing the mission statement for my last gig, but thats mostly because it was followed by 3 nights of heavy drinking in a really posh cabin in the woods. Seriously though writing a mission statement is easy, and its hard. There are whole books on the subject.

How are we doing on our release? Well things are rolling nicely. We might end our Alpha sooner or later than we had planned, mostly I think at this point its hinged on how soon we can have the requesite marketing and client updates done and actually be ready to beta. The beta is public, so if we do it too soon we might make a bad first impression.

Tomorrow we'll really set some dates on those types of things.

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